Parents Lead/ Dad’s Lead

“LEAD your family to success”

LEAD = Lessons, Environment, Action, and Direction


  1. Teach them what you want them to know about life.

  2. Enhance their learning of school materials.

  3. Teach them about your job and why you do it.

  4. Teach them about your interests and enhance their interests.

  5. Think about the influence you’ve had through your parents, caregivers, or mentors both professional and personal.

  6. Write a list of your values and see if you are missing teaching them any.  


  1. Set your family up for closeness.  What can you do together? What do they enjoy doing?

  2. Take an active role in the events you want your family to have. Events can be a trip, a day together, going to a play or movie, or going to a park.  

  3. Simple or complex. There needs to be a balance and likely what you do won't matter to them.  They’re living in the moment.

  4. Find ways to be there to listen to them.

  5. Be present


  1. Put your words thoughts and feelings into action

  2. Actively place them front and center

  3. Plan the events

  4. Start a lesson plan

  5. Write out your values


  1. Do you know about the destination you want to go with your family?  

  2. Have you ever planned it out?

  3. Are you guys on the same path parenting-wise, family-wise?