Our justice-involved program for men is a highly individualized, structured program which is delivered through once a week individual therapy sessions with either Ryan or JC and when needed, once a week skills training through a group format.  Our program uses mindfulness-based cognitive-behavioral interventions which have been empirically proven to support lasting cognitive, behavioral, and emotional change and improve the overall quality of life and level of fulfillment for the men we serve.  Ryan and JC believe in the power of discovering and addressing unhelpful thinking and behavior patterns through the aid of meditation practices.  

The strength and convenience of our program comes with realizing that our justice-involved men still need to go to work, attend to their families, fulfill their obligations, and live their lives.  JC and Ryan also realize that majority of therapeutic change happens outside the therapy session.  Our program will consist of once a week meaningful therapy sessions along with thought-provoking and even entertaining exercises that our clients will complete in-between sessions at their homes or in their jobs (i.e. meditation/mindfulness exercises; completing thought journals; asserting yourself effectively to your boss for that raise you deserve) which will bring the relevance of treatment to your daily lives.  We believe that therapy should not interfere with your life but actually work within it.