Creativity: Lifehacks for Dads #5

Creativity is a central part of making things work in your family. This can be hard to do at first but it will develop over time as you get to know your family better. This involves tapping into who you are and what you envision for them.

You use your creativity for many of life’s activities. It’s time to commit to using it for strengthening your connection to your family. Creativity consists of purposeful, intelligent decisions made by you to increase your children’s enjoyment in your family.

Developing Creativity

You may already see yourself as an expert in being creative. I meet many who have to be creative in their job whether its sales, getting clients, or management. The thing we don’t realize is that we have to use some of that superpower from work with our children at home and it may be uncomfortable to do so right away.

This is a skill. Skills take time to learn if you don’t already have them. Though you might be pumped and excited to try something and this is telling you to go do it. For most though, there may be no ideas.

You have the ability to be Picasso at home but you may look to your partner to be the one creating events. I want to tell you a little secret. They’re tired of doing this all the time. They need you to step-it-up and have ideas too. It’s important you take an active role in your active family’s activities.


Your creativity is contagious and your children will learn how to be creative too. Your family will love you for it. This will bring you closer to your value system. This will improve morale in your family and will lead to their enjoyment in life and your enjoyment in life. Get cracking on creative ways to spend time with your family.