Encouragement: Lifehacks for Dads #3

How were you raised? Did you have loving parents who encouraged you to be the person you are today? This comes easier for those who answer yes to the question but it is very possible for every dad out there to be encouraging.

I almost missed out on this myself. I taught myself not to use the phrase “I’m proud of you” because of how condescending it sounds. I eradicated it from my speech, really. Then I came to the epiphany that it’s different with your own kids. How could I not have thought of that sooner? I frequently tell my daughters that I am proud of them now.

How to Encourage

Encouragement is recognizing the accomplishments of your child and expressing to them that they are amazing. It’s explaining to them that they can become anything they want to become, and challenge them to do their best while being respectful and patient.

What does your kid want to hear when they accomplish something? Kids tend to come to you with something they did right or something they’re excited about. It is your job to lift them up with words of praise at these times.

Join in on their joy. The challenge sometimes is recognizing when these times present. You might hear about activities from your child, mom, a sibling, or an educator. It is up to you to analyze the information and come to the conclusion on how to encourage your child.

Young Ones

The answer is yes that newborns, infants, babies, and toddlers need encouragement. Communication is very different at this age and consists of nonverbal communication, the tone you use when talking to your child, and the frequency and consistency that you “believe in them” or encourage them.

It is very important, no matter what age, that you encourage your children and do so in a variety of ways. This is one of the ways you are going to build your child up. This is what they need from dad!


There are many benefits to encouraging your children when they have an accomplishment. You will feel closer to them and they will feel closer to you.

Their self-esteem will increase at that moment. They will come to you for more emotional support. Both your children and family will be stronger throughout if you consistently encourage them.