Inclusion: Lifehacks for Dads #7

Your kids want to be part of your schedule. Science tells us that younger children learn by modeling. That’s why they pick up on your bad behaviors but also they can pick up on your routine.

Do you pride yourself on how active you are? Are you the laid back type on the weekends? There is a good chance your kids will follow in your steps on how you act.

Including Children in Your Routine

I have a morning routine that I stick to regularly. I’ve been doing it for almost 90 days now. I recently discovered the joy of bringing my kids into it and they loved it. Kids want the time with you and if that’s so, why not get what you need to get done too.

Warning! this will likely lead to things getting done slowly but it is important to their development that they do these things with you.

One example is making breakfast. My toddler “makes eggs” with me by opening the fridge, pulling out the eggs, picking which eggs to make, watching me crack them into the pan (I make 1 for her) and she throws away the eggshells. She also makes and butters the toast with my help. Then she sits on my lap and we eat it together.

We both get a delicious breakfast, but also, she gets time with her daddy. I mentioned in another post that both of my girls shave their faces. I take the razor off and show them how to shave their face while I’m shaving. They love it and I get to shave my face.

I won't go over it much here but babywearing is amazing for inclusion. You can do almost everything with your infant on your back or in front of you and they totally dig it. Yes, I’ve played videogames while my baby chills with me.


There are so many benefits. You spend time with them during the monotonous parts of your day such as preparing breakfast. They learn skills that are going to prepare them for success. It demonstrates sharing and the importance of including others in your life.

Pick some of the activities you already do and include them in it. They will be better for it.