Lifehacks for Dads: An Introduction

Launchpad Dads have a number of lifehacks on how to be an incredible, powerful force for change in your family.  Feeling stuck? Yeah, so are many dads these days. Lots of pressure, no resources. It is time to change this one resource at a time.  

This is your introduction to what Launchpad Dads is all about.  You need this, and you will transform your life if you can get these off the ground! There’s some work involved but it will be an incredibly fun time because that family of yours is calling your name.

Family: “Come back to us Richard.”

Me: “Richard?  That’s not my name.  I’m Ryan”

Life Hacks for Dads

Presence: THIS IS KEY.  Presence involves taking a page out of your kid's book and living in the moment with them.  That’s what they do. As we become adults, we get busy and we lose the ability to have present focus most of the time.  This is mindfulness at its best. What are ways you can be present with your children?

Values: I guarantee you that your values are alive within you.  Sometimes, when we are not consistent with our values we experience discomfort.  It is not only important for us to know what our values are, but our children also need to know what they are too.  They pick a part of them up from you. What values do you have and which ones do you want your kids to have?

Encouragement: Your kids hang on every word you say even if you are not close right now.  The goal is to become closer. Your encouragement of their success is absolutely necessary. This is key to their creativity blossoming and who they become.  When was the last time you encouraged your child? What type of person do you want to encourage your child to become?

Time:  What a resource.  I don’t even have enough time in the day to be as successful as I desire to be and I’m not alone.  The dads I talk to say the same thing. The thing is… our kids need our time. They need you to get down and dirty and play with them. If you increase your time with them by 20 minutes every day, you will see transformative results in your relationship with them.  How much time do you currently give to your children each day?

Creativity:  What you do in the time that you give your kids is paramount to their relationship with you.  You do not need to spend money for your kids to enjoy your company. Creativity consists of events you do with your kids (i.e. go to a park, play in the backyard, play in their room, go on a vacation with them) and how you can put a unique spin on what they’re already doing (i.e. pillow fight tea party, ninja Barbie, G.I. Joe explosion, and runaway stuffed animals hiding in a pillowcase).

Love: Where would we be without love? This is important but it works in conjunction with the other attributes.  Not only do we love our children but we have to show them we do. This helps with cohesion and dispels the distance between you and your family.  How do your kids know that you love them?

Inclusion:  Do you know both my daughters shave their faces?  Think outside the box. They want to copy you because you are their role model even if the connection is weak right now.  Teach them how to safely shave their faces, teach them how to make eggs with you in the morning, play video games with them, teach them how to gaze at the clouds or stars, or turn on an episode of Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube and do it with them.  There are so many random things they love to learn that are commonplace in your life. Your usual routine is one of the best things ever for them.

Teamwork:  How are you and your wife doing?  What about with your kids? It is time to promote a team because that’s what a family is but it isn’t always that way.  Think about the NFL. The Vikings have to play as a team or else they get pummeled. We’ve been there. We’ve seen that. Same with your family.  It is 50 percent of your job to promote great teamwork. I recommend reading about Servant Leadership and applying this to your family. What kind of Leader are you now?  

What’s Next?

I’m turning this into a series because these are the key ways to lifehack your way to the top of your family. Does this series need to be online or does it need to be in person?  Let me know what you think?

I want you to know that there is so much crossover between what is listed above that if you do 1 thing with your kids, you’ll cover 3+ of the lifehacks.  It is always good to know about each one of these