Overcome Loneliness During Dadhood

It is hard to be super dad and still keep your buds in the loop. This is one of the most common things brought to my attention when I meet with new dads. Why is this?

I’ve talked before about Daddy Brain. In the same way your brain is going through an evolution, so are your relationships with your friends. Maybe you’ve noticed it in the friends you have who became dads before you. Things change and it’s okay.

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What is not okay is when the people you care about fall off the face of the planet and you are left wondering does anyone outside my family care about me anymore? This happens often and you will need to be on the lookout for it so the realization doesn’t blindside you.

A valuable point I want to get across has to do with recent research into loneliness. Scientists found that the quality of relationships that you have is far superior to your mental health than the number of relationships you have.

Different Kinds Of Loneliness – Having Poor Quality Relationships Is Associated With Greater Distress Than Having Too Few

The findings from the research also support what other research has found to be true about relationships. “As the researchers conclude: ‘From a societal perspective, and in the interests of reducing the burden of psychological distress, efforts should be made to enhance the quality of social connections as opposed to promoting the virtues of larger social networks.'”

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To Dadify these results I want you to think about who you were incredibly close with before becoming a father. Then think about the last time you reached out to that friend who may be a single guy or gal with no kids. It is time to connect with whoever popped into your mind just now.

Quality relationships benefit you more than quantity. This is important in fatherhood because you wont have time to keep up with every single person you want to. Choose wisely those who will bring you positive, resounding vibes in this beautiful, fatherly life of yours!

An additional point is that there are ways to connect with other gents who have sons or daughters. It takes some effort but dads are a very lonely group of men at times because their relationships tend to float away after they have kids. I have made it my mission to reach out to those who have the desire to be a better father and overall human being.

Please feel free to reach out to me and we can figure out a way for things to improve in your life. I recommend beginning by liking Launchpad Dads page on Facebook! My email is Ryan@marriagegeek.com