Developing Daddy-Sense

Daddy-Sense is a real thing you develop after becoming Dad. Unfortunately, there is no radioactive dad out there to bite you so that you gain amazing senses and have a well rounded dad bod the next morning. You’re kind of stuck developing Daddy-Sense in a realistic way. You know. Day after day of getting it wrong until its right and then until its not right anymore…


The Importance of Daddy-Sense

Daddy-Sense is important. It shows you are capable of being the father you want to be. Plus, you’ll need to relieve your partner and do your share of bringing up that wonderful, joyous child.

Daddy-Sense senses when people in your household are in need. It is about controlling that anger you get when you hear crying and being productive about helping the problem. Its showing patience in the face of “I can’t stand what your doing right now” or “why are you telling me this right now?”

Daddy-Sense helps you apologize to your family when Daddy-Sense doesn’t kick in right away when it probably should of. Daddy-Sense is part of the love you express to your family. It will tell you when to sacrifice your much needed alone time to be there for the kids and your partner. Or maybe it will tell you to not go out with the friends when something big comes up even though it was planned a week ahead of time. Don’t worry Daddy-Sense will help you deal with the frustration too.

Daddy-Sense lies in your gut reactions, your instincts and it works best if you are taking care of yourself.

How to Life Hack Daddy-Sense

Good News! There are tips out there to develop Daddy-Sense faster. If you’re fresh meat for the grinder, see how you can incorporate some of these. If you’re a dad looking to be a better dad you should check to see if you can add these to your base skills.

  1. Typically your partner knows a ton of things already. Pay attention to how they interact with your kid or kids. If appropriate, copy their maddening ways. I have a zillion examples of what I took from my wife. How she says “we need to be safe when we’re eating,” instead of my method of saying “Sit Down in your chair, You’re going to fall!” possibly making them fall from startling them. Your partner is creative. Copy their creative/appropriate ways.

  2. Write out or give serious thought to the type of father you want to be. This is going to help you develop your tingling senses when something that is happening goes against your Dad Value System or DVS. What do you want to teach your kids about in this often terrifying, disappointing, and beautiful world we all live in together?

  3. Take your child out and spend one to one time with them, baby or toddler. You won’t know them as well if you don’t take time to do fun things with them. Usually its what they like doing which can be draining or soul sucking depending if its playing chase all afternoon on a playground or watching My Little Pony: The Movie. Oh and plan stuff if you want to avoid horrendous films.

  4. Apologize. This was mentioned earlier. Daddy-Sense helps you apologize for when Daddy-Sense did not go off early enough and everything exploded in your face. Pull the shrapnel out and say you’re sorry to those little ones. AND YOUR PARTNER TOO. THEY’RE WATCHING YOU OR YOUR KID WILL TELL THEM WHAT HAPPENED IF YOU DON’T APOLOGIZE FOR IT FIRST.

  5. Finally, at least for this post, Meet dads! Please do this. Your Daddy-Sense will grow when you meet some good fathers out there. I always hear, “Oh, I haven’t thought about that.” We’re in this together and there is a GIANT isolation problem out there. So many changes have just happened. Meet with other dads. 

Do not hesitate to reach out to me ever! I mean that (unless its midnight, I need my sleep. Every dad needs sleep). If you want more tips and to be added to my email list, write to me at or comment below.