Teamwork: Lifehacks for Dads #8

Teamwork is integral to making family life work. This involves your partner and your children. Is your family functioning as a team?

Teamwork has a huge payoff! Your family life will drastically improve if you can refine processes and if everybody is working together to make family life fascinating and fun.


How to Turn Your Family into a Team!

A dads role is to coach. It’s to be a strong and admirable leader in the family. Not a tyrant, not an authoritarian. If you are looking for a leadership style for your family, Launchpad Dads (LpD) recommends Servant Leadership. The idea behind Servant Leadership is that you flip the dynamic of leadership and be all that you can be for your family. Leading by example rather than by lecturing. The return will be priceless to life fulfillment and your enjoyment.

Planning vacations to bring your children and spouse closer together is a great idea. Call it a team building vacation. Otherwise, dedicate a day if you can’t do a vacation. Figure out activities to do together that would be fun. Bowling, laser tag, an arcade, a water park, and there’s a ton more. The goal will then be to dedicate it to them and you will benefit greatly because of it. You will be tired afterward but it will greatly improve family dynamics and your life.

Another part of this is evaluating how you and your spouse are doing together. Do you lead together? Are you including them in important decisions? This is entirely pertinent to making things work and to bring your family together. If not, it’s time you get on the right track. LpD is here to help. Reach out!


Getting your family to accomplish things together is going to solve many of your issues going forward. I’m talking about family issues and personal issues. There is a huge relief that comes from within when you figure out how it works. This also builds resiliency which is very important to your family pulling through hardships together.

As always contact me if you need assistance.