Time: Lifehacks for Dad #4

Time is a lot of different things. It is a valuable resource for many people out there. Some feel there’s not enough of it in a day while others are opposite and feel the day just drags on. We don’t always have the ability to get to what we want to do even if the day does drag on.

We give time to what is important to us. That is why we must prioritize time with our family because they are important. It’s hard to do this, no doubt, but it becomes a hell of a lot easier once we catch on to the benefits. You’ll see it like “oooooh, I get it now.” More often than not, many areas of your life improve through the ripple effect of your family life falling into place.

Why Time?

I want to be clear and say that I am not suggesting you give all your time to your family. You need to give more time to your children so that you can work on the targeted areas to improve your family life. Time does not mean reading news articles while you sit next to your children or infant. Time means meaningful engagement meant to improve the connection you have with them.

We dedicate time to many different areas of our lives. We prioritize it to meet our needs. Often, we waste it on something that won’t bring joy into our lives. Ask yourself these questions. How much quality time do I spend with my family now? What are the ways I could give my family more time?


Time is connected to all of the categories for life hacks for dads. You will improve your time with the family if you improve your game in the other areas because they are intertwined. Still, it is important that you measure the amount of time with your family.


Increasing time with your family will bolster a strong connection with them. Quality time will result in positive engagement, on both sides, and your children will miss you when you walk out the door. Your mental health will improve and your stress level will go down for a variety of reasons. Give your family the time they deserve and it will greatly benefit your life.