Rock-It!: Step 4 of the Launchpad Dad’s Problem-Solving Strategy


The last R is arguably the most important R to problem-solving.  “Rock-It!” Where would Launchpad Dad’s (LpD) be without a rock-it! for its launchpad?

How do you “rock” something?  By taking action in the face of adversity.  By doing something new and different to change the situation.  By using the information acquired from the first 3 steps to inform your next tactic in your strategy.  


It’s time to fire up the engines and launch your way to success.  Going back to the example of being a bad dad, how do you fix this?  

You read online that you are distant from your family because you are too focused on your job.  Even your wife commented that she feels second to your job when you asked her. During your reflection, you had wondered “Am I too focused on work?” and started to worry. This means that in order to Rock-It! you will need to quit your job….!

No! That’s a pretty darn silly solution and it won’t fix the problem. The action you will need to take is within you.

Action is many things.  It’s a movement towards your goal, it’s an insight that helps change your perspective, it is an out loud, engine roaring, declaration that you will fix your problem, and it’s a commitment to change.  

I will not lie.  Follow-through and taking action are both difficult pieces of the puzzle to complete. This is where a lot of the planning phase crumbles.

Sometimes it’s confusion. Sometimes it’s procrastination. If you’re me, it’s the point you become overwhelmed and you feel like your frozen in space because a meteor came and smashed the living crap-ola out of your Rock-It! Ship. Fear not. There are emergency maneuvers that come from within to avoid this.

Remember that it is never to late to apply change to your family life. They will welcome it if you’ve been floating in space too long.


Create a 14 day commitment to the action that you think will help. Do it daily and have it be somewhat experimental. You will know if it there is a change relatively quickly.

Call me.

Email me and I’ll help (a little self promotion doesn’t hurt, right? Oh yes, most importantly, I will produce results).

Take the emotions out of the results. Fear stops us from greatness. Think about this from a business perspective. Do emotions serve you well in business decisions. Not likely. Just do it. Be fearless.

Know that changes to your behavior are welcomed by your family though they may be caught off guard to the change. Talking about your goals out loud is going to take you far with the wife and older kids.

I call it Rock-It! for a reason. Action is overcharged, loud, and makes a lasting impression in your world. Conquer your at home goals much like you do in your career goals. Good luck and reach out for crap sakes! You’re not alone in your struggles.