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Generator of Dadhood

15 minute Online Presentation: Generator of Dadhood. What percentage of your generator are you putting into each of the 7 categories? No judgement here. You have 100% power to start with. It would be 14 percent if you divided them equally.

Husband - Are you incredible? What would your wife say about your relationship? Date nights?

Self - Are you proud of who you are? Do you use advanced self-care appropriately?

Friends - Who are your closest friends? Are you connected to them?

Career- Are you in a fulfilling job? Are you good at what you do? Do you have other career goals? Are you too invested in work?

Interests - What are the things you like to do? Are you putting effort into doing them? Are you in a place where you miss them.

Son - Have you connected with your parents lately? Do you have any desire to do this? What would be a benefit of talking with your parents or in-laws

Dad- How much are you putting into being a dad? Are you there for your kids and do they know that? Are you spending time with them?

It isn’t about evenly distributing the percentages. It is about upgrading your generator and shifting the power the way you want. There are different size generators out there. Learn how to grow yours and distribute the power where necessary.

Characteristics of Amazing Dads

1: Life Hack: Presence is key

2: Values

3: Encouragement

4: Time

5: Creativity

6: Love

7: Life hack: Bringing them into your schedule

8: Teamwork