Our Team


JC Chipeco

JC is a licensed mental health therapist who has years of experience providing treatment to men with a variety of life concerns and mental health conditions.  He received his masters degree from the University of St. Thomas (St. Paul/Minneapolis) and primarily uses cognitive-behavioral therapy.  He also is an instructor/trainer in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Illness Management and Recovery (IMR).

JC recognizes the unique situation men face when it comes to mental and emotional health - we have been taught and conditioned not to show our emotions, share our feelings, and (heaven forbid) to cry.  Unfortunately, the result of the “manly” obligation to keep our emotions in check is that men express emotional pain through bursts of anger/irritation, substance use/addiction, and other behaviors which cause our significant others, friends, and family members pain and worry.  JC is dedicated to guiding men on the journey to discovering who they are in the context of being a man - even if it means showing emotions and acknowledging pain once in a while.

He is especially passionate about guiding men in breaking free from legal justice involvement by helping them address the mental health concerns and unhelpful thinking and behavioral patterns which led to their forensic involvement.  In his experience as the mental health therapist for the first Forensic Assertive Community Treatment (FACT) Team in Minnesota, JC has come to realize that majority of his clients come into contact with the legal system through a genuine attempt to meet their emotional needs and live a meaningful and fulfilling life.  For JC, forensic mental health therapy is not just about reducing recidivism, but helping his clients discover their best selves and live the “good life.” 

JC’s specialty areas include:

  • Justice-involved client concerns (anger/agitation, substance use, cognitive skills training/therapy, etc.)

  • Major Depression and Bipolar Disorder

  • Anxiety 

  • Thought Disorders (voice-hearing; individuals having distressing beliefs; individuals experiencing racing thoughts which are hard to organize)

  • Couples Counseling

  • Mindfulness-based practices


Ryan Plasch

Ryan is a therapist for dads. His passion lies in creating resources for struggling fathers. Also, he see’s troubled couples who are looking to reconnect after challenging life transitions. He has experience with couple’s infertility (including his own), miscarriage, kid 1, kid 2, or kid 3.

What dads gain:

  • Build a secure foundation

  • Define your life role

  • Recognize thinking errors

  • Escape the cognitive loop

  • Take the power back from your inner critic

  • Close the distance with your family

  • Increase sexual chemistry with your spouse

  • Strengthen emotional intelligence

  • Realign your life with your values

For couples:

  • Heal attachment injuries

  • Redefine communication

  • Discover love languages

  • Uncover marriage values

  • Learn about the importance of partner influence

  • A safe, quiet space to talk and be open

  • Time to grow closer together

  • Access to transformative resources for couples