Love: Lifehacks for Dads #6

Love is where everything comes from. Love is what brought you here and what drives your force forward. It may be weaker right now or it may be the strongest part for you. Whichever the case, it is imperative that love is included in each of the areas.

How to Show Your Love to Your Family

No, it is not true. Your family doesn’t “just know” you love them. That is one of the biggest issues I come up against when talking to men. A few steps go into this.

I would say, most importantly, you need to say it to them. Pull each member aside and remind them that you care for them deeply. It matters that you verbally say “I love you,” rather than assuming they know.

The truth of the matter is telling them you love them isn’t enough. Your actions show that you love them. To start, I want you to think about 1 large request from each family member that they have for you. Then come up with a plan for this.

My wife hates when I come home and put my bag and water bottle down on the counter. I don’t do it to be annoying, I do it mindlessly. I have now been transferring my belongings, more often than not, to the bedroom where “they belong.” This demonstrates I love her and care about her feelings of where I put my things.

Focus on the Other Attributes

By strengthening your position on all of the attributes you will be demonstrating to your family that you care for them and love them. They want to see a change in you. They want to feel loved. This is even if they are resistant to your change in behavior at first. You will need to continue doing these things in the face of adversity.

You’ve got the love. The time has come to reinforce your love for them and show them what love looks like from you. I am always here to help. Write to me if you are stuck.